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Email Marketing

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What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing where you promote a product or service by directly emailing a target group of customers.

Direct Email campaigns can be effective as they provide information on offers, specials, news or information based on a specific niche or interest to a group of individuals that have elected to receive such emails via subscribing to an 'opt-in' list (most effective) or a purchased email list (not always verified).

Targeted Mail Lists

Target mail lists are a little different as they tend to be purchased by the thousands from email list providers. While the number of emails provided is large, the spread of interest also tends to be large and will not be as tightly focused as your own list, and thus the success rate is likely to be lower.

Opt-In lists

An Opt-in list is a list of people that have subscribed to receive information on a certain topic that they have subscribed to or 'opted-in' to receive. These types of lists are far more effective than general email lists as the people genuinely want to receive the information from you. You can build these lists on your own by placing link on your website where people can sign up for a newsletter, offers of specials or market updates. This method of email marketing is not illegal if done within established rules and should be part of your regular marketing process.

Rules for opt-in lists.

In 2003 Congress passed the Can-Spam Act who went into law in 2004. This Act lays out the following main rules;

  • False or misleading header information. Your email's "From," "To," and routing information – including the originating domain name and email address – must be accurate and identify the person who initiated the email.
  • Prohibition of deceptive subject lines. The subject line cannot mislead the recipient about the contents or subject matter of the message.
  • Your email gives recipients an opt-out method. You must provide a return email address or another Internet-based response mechanism that allows a recipient to ask you not to send future email messages to that email address, and you must honor the requests. You may create a "menu" of choices to allow a recipient to opt out of certain types of messages, but you must include the option to end any commercial messages from the sender.
  • A warning label if the email contains adult content.
  • All commercial email be identified as an advertisement and include
    the sender’s valid physical postal address. Your message must contain clear and conspicuous notice that the message is an advertisement or solicitation and that the recipient can opt out of receiving more commercial email from you. It also must include your valid physical postal address.

FTC Can-Spam Home Page

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